Statement N°1

To deny evidence.

Bad: trying to present the practice of  force feeding a goose so to produce foie-gras as respectful to the physiological nature of the animals. Even worst: trying to defend such practice by accusing animal welfare organizations of being driven, in their opposition to foie.gras, by commercial English agencies which, in so doing, would be attempting to advance their commercial gains over the French.
Those, in the production and in the trading of  foie-gras, appear to being so willingly delirious as they sense their commercial activities in jeopardy due the growing international outcry and action against such gross abuse of the animals involved.
More realistically, the reason why more and more voices are raised is because the festivity of Christmass is approaching, and traditionally sales of foie-gras tend to reach annual peaks. On the trail of the Californian government decision (1) to prevent foie-gras from being sold in that part of the US  territory, producers have got in touch with French president Mr. Hollande to try and persuade him from doing the same over there. Their main argument with the President had been that they are complying with European regulations as far as animal welfare is concerned.(2)

More over, recent investigations on the matter carried out by AnimalEquality and PETA in conjunction with celebrity Sir Roger Moore have underscored the terrible amount of misery and  sheer suffering that animals are inflicted during the process of foie-gras production. Producers, represented by a regional counsellor and by a “known to none” American chef,  continue in a awkward manner to argue by further stating that the issue of foie-gras ought only be considered as a commercial type of  dispute and that France should not follow suite on bad examples of prohibitionist legislation.(3) (4) (5)(6)(7)


We believe that, neither the “ordinary French citizens” nor any animal rights activists could possibly fall to the vacuity of such  flimsy excuses. In fact, we believe that an upgrade to legislation on the condition of animal welfare be dramatically urgent and long overdue in this country.
Unfortunately we observe a retrograde type of attitude by French institutions in the way they deal with subjects pertaining to human relations with Animals, in particular, we feel that the actual imposition of meat consumption to children in the schools (8) or the declaration in favour to Corridas expressed by the Constitutional Court (9) equal to  insults to the intelligence of the people whom these authorities ought to account to.
In the circumstances, condoning the practice of force feeding a sentient being in order to make them very ill and then to slaughter them would reveal a profound incomprehension of that very ethic discourse which is being developed and shared, at this moment in time, regardless of any political or physical boundaries, throughout the global community. The recognition of basic rights to all non human animals can only promote a broader advancement to the whole of human communities no matter what their nationality, their language, their religion.
What we need right now is a transition from a violence impregnated economy based on the systematic disregard of other species to a different one, an economy in which human endeavour  produces opportunities in alternative to blind exploitation, an economy in which “products” can hold a moral value to “consumers” whom could then  fulfil their appetites without having to cause endless pain to the animals, destroying their lives, ignoring their founded pleas.
Its time to make a stand. By taking part in the demonstration scheduled for the 25th of November 2012 we can refuse to accept their lies and to demand a fresh start on a fairer  economy to all.
On the 25th of November, together, we shall denounce the delay and the absent mindedness with which this political elite has been making unbearable our lives and those of the other Animals. We shall not respect  opinions and speculations of whom means harm.
We have to fight back against tyranny and ignorance, we have to have the courage to build up on the efforts of the founding   fathers of this “Republique”, we have to liberate our society from those shameful cowards that, without remorse, would like to continue, obstinately, for a profit, to inflict horrorific sufferings to whom cannot defend themselves. Scientific data confirm that Goose are sentient beings, these animals have a conscience (10), they are susceptible to states joy and  sadness, they know how to relate to each others, just like we are.

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